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Snake River Bros is a non-profit 501 (c) 3, motorcycle organization, consisting of 85 members from throughout Southern Idaho and Northern Nevada, contributing their time raising money to help children in need. Since inception, Feb 1, 2001, the organization has donated over $500,000. Funds are raised through membership dues, organized motorcycle rides, rallies, newsletter advertising, raffles and auctions as well as from donations from the hearts of people who want to help the children in the Southern Idaho area with debilitating injuries or diseases, and bona fide organizations that help these area children.

Our Mission

We help provide funds to organizations who help children in need, such as:

  • Camp Rainbow Gold

  • Camp Magical Moments

  • East End Providers

  • Sleep In Heavenly Peace

  • Voices Against Violence

  • 60 hours to fight Hunger

  • QRU

  • Cruzin for Caden

  • Magic Valley Cattlemens Association scholarships

  • Backpacks for Kids/ Stan Sorenson

  • CASA; Court appointed special advocate

  • BACA; Bikers Against Child Abuse


You don't need to ride a motorcycle to join, you only need to have a desire to help us in our mission:


Get Involved Now

Ready to lend a hand to your local community? You can get involved ASAP by participating in any of our fundraisers, including:

  • Organized motorcycle rides

  • Neighborhood rallies and events

  • Regular newsletter advertising

  • Large auctions and raffles

  • Private, community donations

In addition to these ongoing fundraisers, we also host a yearly "Rally in the Valley" 2 day music festival and camping event for all ages. Follow our Facebook page to stay up to date on all event announcements.
When it comes to local community, you can make a difference. Reach out now to support children's nonprofits in Southern Idaho












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