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Baby Thomas (Trex)

When our son Thomas was born 3 and a half months early, we did not know what our lives were going to look like moving forward. We didn't expect to have our community rally around us, and we never dreamed of the support we received from SRB. They have reached out to us throughout this journey to help in any way they could. We are so appreciative of their support and cannot wait to introduce them to the little miracle they helped us keep fighting for. 

Sabrina Saporta

When I was a kid I was diagnosed with leukemia. And at the time my parents didn't know what to do. 

I don't remember a lot because I was three years old, but I do remember the amazing group of bikers were there to spread so much joy and help to me and my family. I was inspired by my spirit to fight as hard as I could to beat my cancer. As a child I never had a chip on my shoulder, even when I fell I would pick myself up and just keep going. The president at the time Steve Moser would always come by and check up on me and would see me playing. And it was always look at her go and never look at that poor girl. He told that story to new members and I believe that it inspired them to help any child in need.

 As I continued my chemo I was able to attend Camp Rainbow Gold. And they also became a huge part of that. They would escort the children up to camp, and then once they were there they would let the kids including myself sit and rev the engines. It would bring joy to so many and brighten the kids day that much more. Every year they give their all to help children around the magic valley. As I got older and beat my cancer I was so inspired by how loving this group is. For my senior project I held events in the magic valley for kids with cancer and the Snake River Bros were right there beside me helping me. Being the first child they ever helped is such an   honor and couldn't be more thankful. I believe that they are one the reasons I am here today. They became such a big part of my life from childhood even as a young adult they have watched me grow up into the person I am today. These people are family and have such big hearts that just explode to help kids like me. 

I truly owe them my life for they gave me a reason to live. 

Portrait with Hands Clasped

The Lynch Family 

The Snake River Bros were able to help our family in a time of need. Our 9 year old son Krew  was being sent to Seattle Children's Hospital for brain surgery for an open Corpus Callostomy because he suffers from Lennox Gastaut syndrome . He has hundreds of seizures a day of different types . He suffers from debilitating drop attacks which the doctors were hoping to help. The Snake River Bros were able to offer us a check to help us with some of the expenses that were coming due to us having to travel to Seattle and  our son being in the hospital for an extended period of time. He was in the hospital for two weeks before we came home. He had to go through six months of therapy at home and lost some of his abilities permanently. Ultimately the surgery failed but we would of never known if we didn't try. We wouldn't of been able to try without the help of community and for that  We are forever grateful to the Snake River Bros for their help and support. 


The Tatted Ninja

My name is Terry Lamb aka “Tatted Ninja” Through the years I have worked along side Snake River Brothers to provide physical fitness, character building, and overcoming obstacle training with kids throughout Southern Idaho. My reach has gone much further with the donations, events, invites, and direct intention of The Snake River Brothers Family. Through yearly fundraising events, to holiday food drives, and of course the Rally In The Valley! I have been able to further my reach in teaching the youth how to be diverse, overcoming whatever obstacles this world may throw at them. I have a traveling obstacle course with hanging, jumping, climbing, crawling obstacles of all kinds. Through hours of attempts, failures, and ultimately victories, We together teach the children it isn't about the falls, but more about the comeback. I have been participating for 5 years now as a direct goal through the SRB Family to promote health and wellness to all children who we encounter. Through generous donations, invites, and thought The SRB family has given me 5 times the opportunity to impact children as any other organization I have been privy to participate with. I have yet to see another group of individuals who so strongly go above and beyond to directly change the lives of children, and families alike. It has been an honor and a Privilege to participate in the growing love and safety of our nations children. I look forward to many more years of growth to come, and children to empower. Thank You SRB!

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